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*Added update V101 - Info at the bottom*

Become an employee of Flufy Co's latest subsidiary, Flufy Cleaning Co!

Flufy Cleaning Co. strives to provide the highest quality cleaning service to you, we will tackle absolutely any kind of mess you can throw at us. You can rely on a 100% discreet service, we will clean your suspicious accident, torture dungeon, spooky warehouse full of monsters, or even your Mum's house! No questions asked.

In this platform game you are tasked to clean a strange warehouse. You must move from room to room, collecting all the rubbish items. Rooms can contain different kinds of monsters that you need to avoid. Complete the game by collecting every rubbish item from every room.

This game is an almost entirely procedurally generated Jet Set Willy clone. I made it as a homage to one of my favorite games as a child, Jet Set Willy on the Commodore 64. It is made in honour of the great work by Matthew Smith (creator of Jet Set Willy) and Shahid Ahmad (creator of the C64 version). The aesthetic of Flufy Cleaning Co. is based heavily on the Commodore 64 version and uses the C64 colour palette, screen resolution and C64 emulated sound and music.



Game Features:

- Procedurally generated worlds, rooms, enemies and textures.
- Pre-set game modes and also custom game mode, allowing custom world sizes, custom seeds and toggle cheats.
- 8 Playable characters.
- Keyboard and Controller support.
- Lots and lots of Commodore nostalgia.

Flufy Cleaning Co. vs Jet Set Willy:

Some differences between this version and the original are worth noting here.

Accessing stairs in the original JSW was done by walking into the stairs from the bottom to enter a stair walking state, jumping on to a stair case would allow the player to walk through it and pass the stair case. In FCC the player will walk on stairs if they land on them while falling, a player on the up arc of a jump will pass through stairs, and walking past stairs from the bottom will pass through them also.

The player in FCC can push down to drop through passable blocks and staircases, this is not possible in original JSW. The original JSW had hand designed levels to allow the player to 'move downward' in the room by having specific drops or platform layout. This was considerably difficult to generate procedurally with 100% accessibility in every room so allowing a drop down through soft blocks was an easier solution, it's fun too.

There is an option in FCC to allow invulnerability when entering a room, this avoids the infamous 'death loop' of the Willy games. You have the option to turn this off if you wish for the true nostalgic experience.

Walking into a single tall hard block will make the player 'slide' up it for mobility. This is not in original JSW.

There is no deadly blocks or swinging ropes in FCC, sorry, maybe in an update.

Thank you!

For all the testing and feedback, room names, code ideas, support and inspiration.

Mark Mauer at Justwall Games.

Mika Pyon

Ryan Kwok

Thank you,  this game wouldn't be what it is without all your help.


Design, code and graphics by Albatross Wirehead.

Additional Character GFX
Marcus by JustWall Games
Ryan by Ryan Kwok
Mika by Mika Pyon
Izzy by OddSocks https://oddsocks.itch.io/

Music made using Reaper and the 38911 bytes VST plugin by Odo Synths. Sounds from Odo Synths c64 sample collection. https://theodosynthsarchive.wordpress.com/

Font is C64 Pixelized by Devin Cook. https://www.dafont.com/commodore-64-pixelized.font

Mozart Fugue in G Minor KV154
Mozart Fugue in E Flat Major KV153
Bach French Suite No. 2 in C minor, BWV 813
Bach Prelude in C Major
Telemann Tanzsatze zu vier Stimmen

Known Issues:

While I employed many tactics there is a chance a room is not solvable. If you come across a room that cant be completed due to an unreachable item or exit , please use the F2 key to display debug info and send me a screenshot.

Rarely 'suicide' items can spawn where you are forced to lose a life to collect an item.

Rarely a room can have an impossible to beat enemy configuration.

Due to level generation some rooms contain pits that you cant escape from, use the select button or enter key to respawn if stuck in a pit.  Pits should be entirely avoidable and the room still solvable though.


Some resources I used to make this. 

World generation uses a maze generation algorithm,

Finding accessible spaces to place items, partly uses a recursive fill algorithm.

I regularly use this handy line function for DS Grids from GM Market place

*Update V101*  08-06-19

-Changed default game seed to a more fun and confirmed completable map. Thanks to Mika Pyon for helping me hunt seeds.
-Slight change to enemy spawn rules to help prevent rare impossible situations. -Added a handful of new room names and shoutouts to community friends.
-QOL Can now press L1 button on game controller to quit game from esc menu. -Fixed EXE file name and updated some incorrect file info


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I really enjoy this game.  Very reminiscent of my C64 and Atari 2600 gaming days.  I love the retro style of this game and the eye for detail for sticking to the style.  I recommend this game for anyone who love retro style games that are very challenging.  This game has a bunch of cool game-modes and player sprites.  Very well done and its FREE!

It looks very cool btw - I LOVED manic miner growing up - used to play it for hours on my trusty Toshiba MSX

Thanks Jamie, and yes Manic Miner was great hey. I am just looking into making linux builds so hopefully I can do that ASAP.  My friend uses Steam through playOnLinux and then adds the game to steam as a 'non steam game' and it is working well if that helps you in the meantime.

Any chance of a linux version?