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Many years after an adventurous astronaut harvested many planets, the stockpile of resources has diminished. Set forth as a new adventurer and explore this vast planet and harvest more biological material.

Bring the biological material and any other ores you find back to the Orbiter to upgrade your equipment. Be cautious as the more you destroy and harvest the planet, the more deadly and abundant the creatures of the world become.

Listen to your robot companion as they are very knowledgeable.

Set forth and explore!


- Explore a large procedural planet. Choose your own random seed.
- Fly your ship or explore on foot. Visit your space station to buy upgrades.
- Mine different materials and use them to upgrade your player.
- Fight many enemy types, sub bosses and bosses.
- Multiple Weapons and secondary weapons to unlock and upgrade. 
- Complete set quests to win the game. Between 5 and 10 hours of gameplay.
- Planet gets harder and more enemy types unlock the more you harvest the planet.
- Controller support.
- Full soundtrack.

About Terrene:

Terrene is a new sequel to the Sci-Fi action game Evidence of Life, it is created by Justwall Games and Albatross Wirehead. Terrene is a retro action adventure game with survival elements. You explore a giant procedural world to complete your mission tasks. Freely fly your ship from your orbiting space station down to the planets surface and disembark to play on foot and explore vast cave systems.

Mine ores then store them on your ship to deliver to the oribiter. Once delivered you can use them to upgrade your player, weapons and ship. Your tasks include gathering a set amount of bio material from the planets fauna and foliage, harvesting the planet hearts (bosses), and finding hidden alien relics. The more you harvest the planet the more alien threat will increase unlocking different enemy types and increasing danger on the planet.

Terrene is part survival game. You have limited oxygen on the surface, explore as much as you can before returning to your ship. Upgrade your player to increase your oxygen so you can spend more time and dig deeper. Player health can only be restored by harvesting planet fauna. Dying will return you to your ship and leave behind a backpack that you will need to retrieve to get your inventory back. Dying again will mean the backpack is lost forever.

Use certain ores types to unlock and upgrade different primary and secondary weapons. Weapons to unlock include, rifle, shotgun, sniper lazer, and flame thrower. Secondary weapons include grenades, shield, mines and cluster mines. Homing missiles and bombs can be unlocked for your ship. Choose which weapons you prefer and spend your upgrades however you see fit.

The Terrene world is procedurally generated by a seed of your choosing, it is 5000 blocks wide and is made up of ten different randomly generated biomes. Each biome contains its own plant and rock types, procedural textures, its own enemy spawn set,  ore spawn rates and landscape style. Use your ship to quickly traverse the landscape, and set down wherever you would like to explore. The in game mini map uncovers where you have you explored to help keep track of where you have been.


Game design and concept, programming, additional art by Albatross Wirehead


Game design and concept, lead art, sound and music by Justwall Games


Terrene includes 19 Music tracks and almost 100 sound effects.
Check out this soundtrack and the rest of Justwall's soundtracks here


Version 1 Feedback:

We are requesting as much feedback as possible for this first version of Terrene. We hope to expand the game further after feedback and continued development and make an updated version for Steam. We would love your feedback positive and negative.

Please send to Myself or Marcus (Justwall) or write to us on Twitter.


Thanks to:

Silsky - Testing and Feedback https://www.twitch.tv/silsky
Chris from MushDevStudio - Testing and Feedback https://twitter.com/mushdevstudio
The Electric Mindset - Testing and Feedback https://www.twitch.tv/theelectricmindset
Ed Atkin - Testing, feedback, coding advice, memes https://twitter.com/EAtkin

Play the original Evidence of Life

Updated 17 days ago
Published 19 days ago
Release date 26 days ago
AuthorAlbatross Wirehead
GenreAction, Survival
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, Retro, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


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how do i start game


I really like this game but is there a way I can take it out of the folder with all the other files in it and have it on my desktop cause it is really annoying.

Hey Excidamus, If you create a shortcut of the terrene.exe file and copy  that shortcut to your dekstop that will work for you.

This game is pretty good so far. I loved evidence of life, so I was really happy when I heard about the sequel. There's one thing I think it needs: Scripted events. Maybe the robot could start malfunctioning, or you find the corpse of the first astronuaht and it starts attack you, or maybe you need to use your jetpack in space to fight off against a massive space snake thing.

I love this games visuals and music. It's got a great atmousphere. Well done for making this masterpiece!

Yeah some event like that can be super cool I agree, even if there is already a Big Space Worm roaming arround in the space layer at lategame

Really cool ideas here! Glad you enjoyed it so far. I took some notes down about this. Thanks for the comment and thanks for playing 😃

Thanks so much! I'm a big fan of you work, and I hope it gets big!

Ahh...thanks. 😁 really nice of you to say. I love creating worlds, ideas and atmospheres. Every player means the world to me! We'll keep working hard on this!

Im Doing A Lets Play on my channel for terrene

Check It Out


Thanks so much for this lets play.  Seems like you enjoyed playing.  1am gaming is the best!  I shared this where I could.  Thanks for the Video.  Have a great day!

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So I've finished the game, I have more feedback to give :
- When I thought the space was mostly empty of enemies except for the giant wasp and bees, I discovered that a giant creepy space worm can destroy me and my ship while I try to harvest an asteroid. That legit scared me first time.

-Near the end of the game, I feel like the only good weapon against the litteral army of sometime tanky enemies is the flamethrower, his piercing and high DPS make it the only really usefull weapon at this point.

-When I want to buy something on the ship, we should be able to buy multiple times the same thing without having to press space bar multiple time. It's especially noticeable when you want to buy ammo, so you have to press space bar dozens of time to buy everything. Maybe I'm stupid and there is a fast way I haven't figured out to buy more ammo faster.

-It's kind of sad there is only one boss type (the egg thing) I expected more compared to the 2 (3 if I count the space worm?) sub bosses.

I think I've listed everything I wanted to say about this game. Good job ! This game is interesting. I'm looking forward for updates. I'm done with this game for now.


Amazing! Yeah..those creepy space worms..lol. Really good feedback here. It really helps us to read player feedback like this. Additional boss like aliens is on the future build list as well as holding space bar to buy ammo fast! Thanks for playing and for the feedback. How long do you think it took to complete all tasks in v1?

I don't have the exact time but I think it tooks me arround 5-10 hours like you said on this pâge

Perfect!  Right in line with what we thought initially.  Thank you.

it keeps not responding for me. anyone can help?

Hi StressedBlue , is it not responding after you start a new game and it says 'loading game'? There is a lot of intense map generation and file saving at this point, depending on your machine it may take  a while. Please try leaving the window for a while once you start a game.

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I have played this game for 3-4 hours now and the concept of "you have to collect ressources but the more you harvest the planet, the more enemies spawn to attack you" is very solid. For now I have some question, opinion and suggestion :

-The space is definitely big and somewhat empty as far as I've seen, I've only seen some static asteroid with great ore in it or some sort of varying sized bees trying to attack my ship but I go too fast for them. It looks like sort of loading screen, but you have to hold some button to progress that loading. Maybe doing some sort of event like moving asteroid filled with great ore or more powerfull enemies with great reward can be interesting.

-Maybe change the way the robot tells you tips because as far as I see he tells tips randomly and regularly and this  can get boring, maybe make it talks about stuff happening on screen such as talking about the yellow ore when the player is harvesting some yellow ore.

-The artifacts should have  a sort of rewards because for now, they are just objectives to the player to finish the game, I don't really get satisfied when I got one because they basically do nothing special, maybe some of them can unlock some special abilities or improve your weapons in some way like "make you ship shoot three projectiles instead of one" for example ? Maybe it's the same issue about the boss hearts but I don't get a single one for now.

-Where are the bosses ? For now I've encountered two mouth black hole and one big worm poping out the floor and shooting stuff at me. I suppose they are the sub bosses but I haven't encountered a single big boss yet. Maybe I should explore further or go deeper but when I go deeper I encounter grey block which I suppose is bedrock.

-I like the atmosphere a lot, it's like Risk of Rain but more eerie and creepier, the music help a lot.

I will go further in the game, it has very good premise. Looking forward for more content because the game can be kinda repetitive with time.

Thanks for playing and taking the time to write all this feedback. It's all really helpful and it is added to our big list of feedback. Our focus now is to add a lot more content and will release a large update in the coming months with a lot more to do. We also hope to keep adding stuff for a long time to come. The bosses are in there and take up a  large space covered in an unusual block type, there is one somewhere in each third of the map in the lower levels. Hopefully you will come across one soon. Thanks again for playing Killey.

Terraria in space



We are both big Terraria fans, hopefully one day we could come somewhere near the amazing scope of either of those games!

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just saw the gameplay on Randomise User's Youtube channel, looks like some great fun. i decided it is at least worth $10 if not more compared to what you get these days from big AAA folks. 

look forward to see where this game goes.

Thanks a bunch!  That is a really nice comment.  We have worked very hard on this so far and love the game ourselves!  We hope to update it more and get a Steam Version going.  Thanks so much for playing!

No avaliable for linux distro?

As of this initial build we do not have a linux version.  It may be considered in future updates as we plan to continue development on this game  :)


I know this probably isn't the right place to ask but I couldn't find it anywhere else, what do green and rainbow ores do? I assume they currently don't have a use and will in future. Also, just curious, but is the rock at the bottom of the map indestructable? Or do I need to upgrade my mining tool more? Great game though!

Hi Jammyson , rainbow ores will give you a little of each colour  when you process them in the ship , and green will give you bio matter that you need to collect to win. Bedrock is indestructible. Thanks for asking , glad you like the game!

I've stumbled upon this game when browsing itch.io by "newest" and I decided to note stuff during playthrough. I didn't play long though, just 40 minutes. Maybe it's not my cup of tea. Here is what i noted:
* lack of sounds in menu when selecting options 
* no fullscreen option? I had to figure it out, the shortcut is alt+enter
* very long loading time when creating a world. the game freezed on the first try of loading the new world. I had to kill the process and try again
* the tutorial is meeeh. there are so many minerals to find that I felt overwhelmed. 
* I think that the tips given by the robo-friend during gameplay should be packed in some introduction level. Maybe something like the first planet in No Man's Sky where you are getting familiar with controls and what the game is about
Speaking of that...
* what are the artefacts? Why I should want to find them?
* what are the Hearts? Why should I kill them?
I think that this was the main thing that prevent me from playing longer. I don't have the feeling of purpose when playing.

* the ambient music in the undeground contains some weird sounds that made me think that I'm being attacked by some strange creatures only to find out it was the music all along. I don't know if it's intentional, but it's kinda scary to me haha (I'm not a horror guy)
* buuut the music is great! I really like ambient when playing games.
* the spaceship sprite is great! I really like when it turns buuut I wish there were more animation frames
* I like the design of the creatures

* why the space is soooo biiiiig? Like really, the empty space between the planet and station is soooo biiig! 
* I wish I was able to navigate the ship using mouse. It's hard to shoot stuff using only WSAD
* the automatic Hover mode when near the surface was problematic for me. I didn't always want to land. I would prefer bumping at full speed into mountain and loose some hp than: going full speed -> going into automatic hover mode -> switching to fly mode again

And that would be it. Sorry for not playing more and unlocking more stuff, I've seen that I can upgrade and unlock some things.  I hope that this long comment will be helpful for you! I will give it a try and play it again after few updates. Good luck!


Hi Condzi , thanks so much for playing the game and taking the time out to write us heaps of feedback. Some really helpful feedback there, we will take note of it all and work at some of those points for the first update. Glad you liked the ship, creatures and audio, Justwall did a great job there. I really love the creepy atmosphere personally haha. Tutorial and context are important so we will definitely work at that. We are having a bit of a break and digging back into it soon. Hope you come back to an update sometime, thanks again.


Loving it so far!

Thanks Fudge , we hope you are having fun.

...reminds me of starbound... i mean i didnt played, like im not even sure if i wanna claim cause like chances of me playing this are like really low

Might as well claim while you can.

Hi Shiny , its definitely not anywhere near as in depth as starbound, there is a lot to do and it is a long game but you if you go in expecting starbound you would be disapointed. Its all in the description so if you like the sound of that its free so have at it, and send us feedback if you like as we will continue updating this and adding heaps more in the future.

well im like really bored so well im gonna claim while i can :P

I logged many hours in Evidence of Life.  I loved it!  This feels even better so far.  

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks Schmidt, so good to hear you enjoyed the original, thanks for the kind words. Let us know if you have any feedback about Terrene because we will continue to update it in the future.


I love the feeling of flying on your jetpack! lots of fun :)

That's awesome Grizzly , thanks a lot!

How do I control? I could not press the menu items


HI , use arrow keys/WASD and space bar or controller + A button

I have some things to say. There needs to be maybe a tutorial, and on the main screen a box in the bottom saying 'Press Space to select'

Hi Anmcbride, thats great feedback and yes I would hate for someone not work out how to start the game because main menu controls aren't displayed. Also more tutorial is always  helpful, there is game info in the esc menu that may help you too. We will fix it up in an update soon, thanks again.

I think a interactive tutorial would be awesome, but I know how hard that might be


Had great fun live streaming this game. Will definitely be doing more.

Thanks Stuvik for the great stream!  I'm glad you enjoyed your time in the world of Terrene!!!

it looks cool ! I'll give it a try, but I have an azerty keyboard :c

Have fun thuthur , you can use arrow keys to move as well so that should help. Also there is controller support.


What a blast - this game has so many biomes, varied enemies, power ups and weapon types. It is insanely fun, strategic and I really enjoy exploring, mining and surviving on a totally alien world. The music is very atmospheric and the SFX are top notch. The artwork is brilliant and stays true to the original EOL. Great work so far with this one.

Thanks for testing for us Chris , and I'm glad you really like it. Thanks for the kind words.